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Welcome on MichelleWilliamsFan, your source on the talented actress Michelle Williams.You might know Michelle from movies like My Week With Marilyn or Oz, The Great And Powerful, you will soon see Michelle in the movie Suite Francaise. On the site, you will find the latest news on Michelle and the largest Gallery with 30,848 pictures.
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Huge thanks to Erin who sent me these beautiful stills of the movie Take This Waltz.

Movie >Take This Waltz  >  Stills


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TheDailyMail has revealed two wonderful pictures of Michelle as Marilyn Monroe in the movie My Week With Marilyn, the article is very interesting.




How marvellously appropriate that Simon Curtis’s movie My Week With Marilyn has a pre-opening credit sequence with Michelle Williams portraying Marilyn Monroe singing Heat Wave.
She’s wearing a slinky gold lamé gown that shifts as her hips swing. ‘We’re having a heat wave,’ she sings softly. ‘A tropical heat wave, the temperature’s rising, it isn’t surprising?.?.?.?’
The Irving Berlin number, which Monroe sang in the movie There’s No Business Like Show Business, goes on to mention something about her anatomy making the mercury jump to 93.
Wiggling a come-hither finger at a couple of male dancers, the scene captures Monroe’s heat and allure perfectly. The crazy thing is that, for a couple of seconds, your mouth drops open because you think it might be out-takes of the real Norma Jean.
But it’s all Michelle Williams: the voice, the hair, the pout, the sashay are all part of her sensational interpretation.
When I saw the actress on set last November she told me she wanted to bring to the screen ‘a kind of sensitivity that those who loved her [Monroe] would spend the rest of their lives trying to describe’ – and that’s just what she’s done.
The film’s title alludes to the friendship that developed between Monroe and Colin Clark, an Eton-educated toff hired as an assistant to Laurence Olivier during the making of The Prince And The Showgirl at Pinewood Studios – where My Week was also shot – in the late Fifties.
For a short while, Monroe was able to be herself around Clark, and the pair went off on a jolly jaunt, skinny-dipping and visiting Windsor Castle.
It was a brief respite from the private pain Monroe tried to mask.  
All that and more comes through in Williams’s portrait.

She not only gives us Monroe, the world-renowned star, but also switches between two other roles: Elsie Marina (the character she plays in The Prince And The Showgirl) and the lost girl who is Norma Jean. 
Eddie Redmayne, as Clark, is the glue that holds things together, but the movie is also about the clash of cultures that arises between Williams’s Monroe and Kenneth Branagh’s Olivier. 
It’s electrifying watching these two titans (Williams and Branagh are bound to get Oscar nominations) who speak the same language but are unable to communicate.

Monroe envies Olivier’s stature as an actor; he wants some of her stardust to rub off on him (though it would be nice if she was punctual on set, while she was at it).
Branagh’s performance is often hilarious as he spits and splutters over his leading lady’s behaviour. But there’s also something poignant, as the film hints at the insecurities that bedevil even the most confident and successful of people. 
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2043538/Heat-Wave-Michelle-Williams-hot-stuff-Marilyn.html#ixzz1ZO1NKITQ

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Michelle is honored at the 15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards for her carreer and her last works on the movies My Week With Marilyn,Meek’s Cutoff,and Take This Waltz.

The 15th annual Hollywood Film Festival and Hollywood Film Awards, presented by Starz Entertainment, will honor two-time Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams with its 2011 Hollywood Actress Award. Williams is being recognized for her portrayal of screen legend Marilyn Monroe in Simon Curtis’ My Week With Marilyn (which will have its world premiere at the New York Film Festival next week), as well her performances as a 19th century frontierswoman in Kelly Reichardt’s Meek’s Cutoff (which was released in April) and as a 21st century wife tempted by adultery in Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz (which premiered at this month’s Toronto International Film Festival and is still seeking a U.S. distributor). She will collect her statuette at the Hollywood Awards Gala Ceremony, which will take place at the Beverly Hilton on Oct. 24, 2011.
Carlos de Abreu, the founder and executive director of the event, told The Hollywood Reporter, “It is a privilege to honor Michelle for her excellent talent and remarkable career.”


She is following in some impressive footsteps — the 11 previous recipients of this same honor are Drew Barrymore (1999), Angelina Jolie (2000), Nicole Kidman (2001), Jennifer Aniston (2002), Diane Lane (2003), Annette Bening (2004), Charlize Theron (2005), Penelope Cruz (2006), Marion Cotillard (2007), Kristin Scott Thomas (2008), Hilary Swank (2009) and Bening again (2010). The vast majority of the aforementioned women were nominated for the best actress Oscar in the same year that they were honored with the Hollywood Actress Award; Cotillard went on to win it.

Source : HollywoodReporter

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New awesome reviews from a private screening of My Week With Marilyn last night, the reviews for the movie, the cast and Michelle are really great.
Tumblr :

I’m completely honored to say that I was just in the first audience in an exclusive first viewing of My Week with Marilyn.

The entire movie- the cast, costumes, settings, script, and filming- was just beautiful.  I just loved it.  Highly recommended to everyone once it hits theatres!  I’d go see it again just for Michelle Williams’ performance alone!

Twitter :

http://twitter.com/#!/LawrenceLamont :
“Saw an early screening of “My Week With Marilyn.” Wow. What a story! Michelle Williams disappeared on screen. Her portrayal was stellar.”
“Kenneth Branagh is such a great character actor. One of the best.”
“I think Emma Watson might have a career ahead of her. She has to pick the right roles now.”



“I was apart of the 1st screening of “My Week with Marilyn” I thought it was fantastic, Michelle Williams is the best young actress. #nodoubt



“Just seen My Week with Marilyn. Excellent cast and film. Michelle Williams transformed into Marilyn Monroe! Amazing performance!”


The movie will be presented at the Mill Valley Film Festival on October 11 ( Centerpiece Film ) and at the ft._lauderdale_international_film_festival on October 22.
the Mill Valley Film Festival about the movie :

Michelle Williams’s mesmerizing performance as Marilyn Monroe is a revelation, capturing the wholeness—the fragility and sensuality, the charisma and the tangibility—of someone all too often merely impersonated. In Simon Curtis’s delightful debut feature, Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne), is newly graduated from Oxford and determined to break into film. When he gets a job as an assistant on The Prince and the Showgirl, he finds himself a player in the legendary standoff between the great English classical actor and director, Laurence Olivier (played with appropriate aplomb and a certain swagger by Kenneth Branagh), and the American icon, celebrity phenomenon and upstart Method actor Monroe, abetted by her ubiquitous drama coach, Paula Strasberg (Zoë Wanamaker). Based on Clark’s memoirs, Simon Curtis’s film is a delight, placing the estimable Williams in a cast of notable contemporary British greats (Judi Dench, Derek Jacobi), among whom she proves her own formidable talents.

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On rottentomatoes.com i’ve found this review who is  interesting.The person talks about all the performances but mostly the movie himself.

I had the pleasure of seeing a free and early screening here and I must say that I was slightly underwhelmed. The version they screened for us they hailed as a “work in progress” and such was obvious as the film itself played out. Nevertheless, and for clear reasons, I am able to look past that and address the film more narrowly. I am tired, thus I will be brief. It started out rather chaotic and even too quick but twenty or so minutes into the feature, the picture discovers itself and stays true to the rhythm throughout. It is an interesting biopic and Michele Williams is brilliant, marvelous–certainly an Oscar contender. The only other stand-out is Kenneth Branagh. The rest of the cast is, well, forgettable. Despite its “work in progress” status, the film is beautiful to look at and I am curious as to what the final product will result in. It is a good biopic that will keep one interested, but the truth of the matter is the film seems not to have a concise idea as to what exactly it wishes to be. Perhaps, like Marilyn, the film never quite lost itself at any particular moment, but it never really had an identity of its own to begin with. It is charming, endearing, lovely and intriguing. Yet, its poor, underdeveloped characters and its lack of overall direction make this wonderful topic a rather mediocre one saved only by its leading lady and the charm that shares the very magical semblance of Marilyn Monroe herself.

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Take this Waltz will be presented at the SANSEBASTIAN Festival this sunday. Sarah Polley is arrived for the festival today ( photos : gettyimages)

Day Time Cinema
18 09:00
Teatro Victoria Eugenia
O.V. subtitles in Spanish.

18 12:00
Kursaal, 1
O.V. subtitles in Spanish.

18 18:00
Kursaal, 1
O.V. subtitles in Spanish.

19 18:15
Principe, 3
O.V. subtitles in Spanish.

20 16:00
Antiguo Berri, 2
O.V. subtitles in Spanish.

Source : Sansebastianfestival.com

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Vogue has posted some pictures on their siteweb, and Michelle is just flawless, very Marilyn. This is one of my favorites photoshoot, also the interview is very interesting.



Studio Photoshoot >2011   > Vogue US – October 2011


Michelle Williams owns a series of photographs by her friend Dan Estabrook, titled Nine Symptoms, that depicts, in the style of a Surrealist Victorian medical textbook, the physical manifestations of falling in love: shortness of breath, heart-rate increase, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, weakness, fever, chills, delirium, and euphoria. On a sultry Saturday night in July, I find myself experiencing at least six of them as I ring the doorbell to Estabrook’s Brooklyn brownstone, where I am about to meet Williams for the first time. She’s invited me for a picnic dinner in the backyard, on loan for the evening, to talk about her latest project, My Week with Marilyn, in which she brings to life the doomed star whom Norman Mailer once called “the sweet angel of sex.” So I’ve put on my favorite shirt (a checked seersucker number), combed my hair, and brought along two bottles of chilled rosé, which, like me, are beaded with perspiration.More

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