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Welcome on MichelleWilliamsFan, your source on the talented actress Michelle Williams.You might know Michelle from movies like My Week With Marilyn or Oz, The Great And Powerful, you will soon see Michelle in the movie Suite Francaise. On the site, you will find the latest news on Michelle and the largest Gallery with 30,848 pictures.
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Today, i made the Movie Captures of Lassie,  michelle is so cute in this movie, some captures are not in the correct place,my apologies, i don’t know why, but you can enjoy the pictures of our young Michelle ! Also Elmira sent me scans of Glamour Russia, Thank you.

thumb_PDVD_109 thumb_PDVD_152 thumb_PDVD_241 thumb_PDVD_333

thumb_Glamour_Russia_April_2012_Page_010 thumb_Glamour_Russia_April_2012_Page_040 thumb_Glamour_Russia_April_2012_Page_010 thumb_Glamour_Russia_April_2012_Page_040

Movie Production > LASSIE >Movie Captures
Press > 2012 > Glamour Russia – April 2012


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In the gallery you will fInd some rare pictures of Michelle dating of 1998 but mainly i have found these very rare and unseen pictures of Michelle at the Premiere of Lassie where she has the role of April Potter, i’d love to make the Captures of the movie but sadly i can’t found the film in France, Michelle looks so beautiful and young at the Premiere, she is thirteen years old, and you could mistake her for her little girl, Matilda.

Also i have added a picture from the Pilot of Dawson’s Creek where Michelle poses with her cast mates Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes, James Van Der Beek and Mary Margaret Humes. You will also found some scans from various Magazines. If you have pictures from Events or Movie Stills and scans that the site doesn’t have, you can sent me a mail at mwfancontact@gmail.com, thank you.






Public Appearances > 1994 >Lassie Premiere – July 16, 1994
Public Appearances > 1998 > WB Winter Press Tour at the Ritz Carlton Hotel – January 6, 1998
Public Appearances > 1998 > Teen People Magazine Party at Planet Hollywood – January 13, 1998
Public Appearances > 1998 > 1998 MTV Rock n’ Jock Baseball – January 19, 1998
Miscellanous >Others
Movies Production > Dick > Promo Shoot
Movies Production > Dick > Promotional
Studio Photoshoot > 1999 >Paper Magazine
Studio Photoshoot > 2001 >Unknow Photoshoot
Press > 2011 > Jalouse – April 2011 ( France )
Press > 2012 >HIGH CLASS – SEPTEMBER 2013

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The gallery have been updated, you will find 6 stills of Take This Waltz ( very beautiful pictures ), 2 stills of Blue Valentine, one Poster of Dick, 1 HQ picture of Michelle for Louis Vuitton, and 2 pictures at the Me Without You Premiere in London. Also i have added some scans and i want to thank Elmira for her donations, thank you very Much, i really appreciated the Paris Match interview and i have added some old scans from french magazines of 2001 to 2004. Enjoy !







Movies Production > Take This Waltz >Production Stills
Movies Production > Blue Valentine >Production Stills
Movies Production > Dick >Poster
Public Appearances > 2001 >Me Without You – November 20,2001
Advertisement Campaigns > 2013>Louis Vuitton Handbags – Fall/ Winter 2013/ 2014 Campaign
Press > 2012 >Us Weekly – April 30, 2012
Press > 2012 > Vanity Fair Italy N16 – April 25, 2012
Press > 2012 >Joy Ukraine – February 2012
Press > 2012 > Marie Claire USA – May 2012
Press > 2012 > My Self Italy – June 2012
Press > 2013 > Star Magazine – December 9, 2013
Press > 2012 > Grazia Italy – June 4, 2012
Press > 2012 > Paris Match ( France ) – March 29 to April 04 2012
Press > 2012 > Public ( France ) – June 22-28 2012
Press > 2004 > Series Numero 1 ( France ) – February 2004
Press > 2001 > Star Club ( France ) – 2001
Press > 2004 > Planet Scoop ( France ) – 2004
Press > 2003 > Salut ( France ) – May 2003
Press > 2003 > Serie Mag ( France ) – June 2003

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I found a video on the set of Suite Francaise, sadly for you it’s in french, but i can translate if you want, it’s from “Le Journal de 20h” about the author of Suite Francaise and the movie who will be released at the end of year, the movie was filmed partially in france and we can hear talk Kristin scott thomas ( and saul Dibb )who is very known in france and talks french, and we discover some scenes of the film, a must see.


More news about Cabaret, michelle will begin the rehersals on February 4, be ready fore more informations in the next weeks, and cabaretthemusical has shared some pictures on her official facebook page





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Happy Holidays Michellinators and for begun this new year i have found this new picture of Michelle in Suite Francaise ( Credit : https://twitter.com/pepe_915 ), on the imdb page of the movie, we have a release date for the Netherlands on December 04, 2014, we can expect an presentation at the Cannes Film Festival later this year and a release date at the end of the year.

Also i have added an unseen picture of Michelle at the Louis Vuitton Beach Barbecue in Miami on December 05 and some scans that Elmira sent me, thank you again, don’t hesitate to send me informations,pictures  and thank you !




Movies Production > Suite Francaise >Production Stills
Public Appearances > 2013 >LOUIS VUITTON BEACH BARBECUE – December 05, 2013 in Miami, Florida
Press > 2012 >Us Weekly – 07 May, 2012
Press > 2012 > Gioia Italy N.23 – June 09, 2012
Press > 2012 > Glamour Russia – October 2012
Press > 2013 > Cosmopolitan Singapore – December 2013
Press > 2013 > The Oprah Magazine South Africa – December 2013
Press > 2013 > Hello – December 2, 2013

Old interview of Michelle ( and Heath Ledger ), so cute together !!!

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I added to the gallery 20 unseen stills of Blue Valentine, the images are from http://erinbenach.com/ and are really beautiful.

thumb_BV5 thumb_BV16 thumb_BV20 thumb_BV23

Movies Productions > Blue Valentine >Stills

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New still of Suite Francaise added in the gallery and i have added the first two stills of the movie in better quality. I have made some update in the gallery, i like particulary this beautiful image with Mary-Margaret Humes ( Gail in Dawson’s Creek ), on her facebook, about the picture she posted, she said : 
“Flashback Friday…a quiet private moment captured more than a decade ago on the set of Dawson’s Creek. Who Knew that Michelle Williams would soar you ask? “I did” very cute !


thumb_Suite-Francaise-Image-01 thumb_Suite-Francaise-Image-05 thumb_Suite-Francaise-Image-07 noimage

thumb_01 noimage noimage noimage

thumb_08 thumb_DawsonCreekJCrewCatalog thumb_enhanced-buzz-12061-1359055260-4 thumb_enhanced-buzz-16627-1359055119-6

thumb_sonderhonorar-michelle-williams-im-rollstuhl-am-s_2538720_p2 thumb_sonderhonorar-michelle-williams-im-rollstuhl-am-s_2538722_p2 thumb_sonderhonorar-michelle-williams-im-rollstuhl-am-s_2538724_p2 thumb_sonderhonorar-michelle-williams-im-rollstuhl-am-s_2538760_p2

thumb_998943_514735025261905_2137793325_n thumb_tumblr_mflpfufmCS1s0s6oco1_500 thumb_tumblr_mg42wh57vs1s0s6oco1_500 noimage

thumb_972347_515489358519805_768566417_n thumb_tumblr_mfo8d0WFp61s0s6oco1_500 thumb_tumblr_mg4jeif7sH1s1n5oeo1_400 noimage

Movies Productions > Suite Francaise >Promotional Material
Studio Photoshoot > 2008 >The New York Times Magazine – September
Studio Photoshoot > 1998 >J CREW
Movies Productions > Blue Valentine >On Set – DAY 1
With her fans >MISCELLANEOUS
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