16 Sep 2014
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Finally new candid pictures of Michelle ( with matilda, not pictured, because the site doesn’t post pictures of Matilda anymore ), michelle’s hair looks much longer, i like it ! And i have added the cover of GRAZIA ITALIA, it is from an old photoshoot for Louis Vuitton earlier this year.

thumb_126233PCNEX_Michelle01a-500x750 thumb_article-0-2163964300000578-483_306x764 thumb_rs_634x1024-140915162914-634_Michelle-Williams-Brooklyn_ms_091514

thumb_Grazia-38-del-2014_hg_temp2_m_full_l thumb_10703932_933605636655790_2440329167561205099_n avatarnoimage

Candid Appearances > 2014 >Michelle and Matilda in Brooklyn – September 15, 2014
Magazine Scans > Scans 2014 >Grazia Italia – October 2014

13 Sep 2014
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Michelle attended the Annual Charity Day hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC on September 11. She wore a Louis Vuitton dress.

thumb_10690356_965031683522925_2337348102050693613_n thumb_Michelle2BWilliams2BAnnual2BCharity2BDay2BHosted2BbWV_YsijicTl thumb_Michelle2BWilliams2BAnnual2BCharity2BDay2BHosted2BFfRSdfqkQArl

Public Appearances > 2014 >the Annual Charity Day hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC at Cantor Fitzgerald – September 11, 2014

Michelle speaks about how Opening Act helps build community and build safe spaces for students across NYC. Ms. Williams attended the Cantor Fitzgerald / BGC Charity Day in support of Opening Act, an arts education non-profit that serves New York City’s highest need schools. Opening Act’s voluntary, weekly, after-school theater programs span a full year and use improvisation, acting games, and writing exercises to help students unleash their creativity, foster collaboration, and develop professional acting technique. For more information and ways to participate, please see openingact.org
12 Sep 2014
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I have added to the gallery the new stunning Louis Vuitton pictures in the gallery, it is Michelle’s third Louis Vuitton Handbags Campaign.

thumb_mw_fdp_1_420x245_hd_410221368 thumb_mw_fsp_1__200x245_hd_750388235 thumb_mw_fsp_3_200x245_hd_248250115

Advertisement Campaigns> 2014 >Louis Vuitton Handbags Fall/Winter 2015/2015 Campaign


Info about Suite Francaise, a person saw an advanced screening :

Ooooh! Just been to private screening of (dir. Saul Dibb) – it’s brilliant! Congrats!


NOTE : I have a big problem with the site, i can’t upload pictures with my FTP anymore because the password doesn’t work and my host don’t answer my questions, so i can upload pictures by the gallery but not HQ, i hope the problem will be resolved very soon and that i will not lose the site.


10 Sep 2014
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Sorry for the lack of updates, I’m very busy right now and I have a problem with the site, I can not add photos in the gallery, I hope the problem will be resolved very quickly. With one day late, I wish a very happy birthday to Michelle, i’m sure Matilda gave her a beatiful gift. I read rumors of reconciliation with Jason Segel, I’d love to see them together.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


22 Jul 2014
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As expected, Michelle has extended her run in Cabaret through November 9, 2014 ! It’s not a surprise as we know the show will close on January 4, 2015 but she can’t stay until the very end because in november she will begin the promotion of suite francaise. ( it’s not official, but i think harvey weinstein will want to release the movie during the awards season, we will have to wait for an official date )

3-time Academy Award nominee & Golden Globe winner
Michelle Williams extends her acclaimed run as Sally Bowles through November 9, 2014!

20 Jul 2014
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We don’t have much news of Michelle but I have found two new pictures of an old photoshoot for Angeleno Magazine in January 2011 and one portrait of Michelle at the Comic Con in 2012 for Oz, The Great And Powerful, thanks to Tumblr. Also i have added several pictures of Michelle with her fans in the album Social Media.

thumb_tumblr_n8ipm3bc441rnoiuwo2_1280 thumb_tumblr_n8vlrwFoau1sfaci3o1_500 thumb_tumblr_n6t609hJR61so0bvwo1_500

thumb_734976_10151352985434862_307619015_n thumb_10296895_1498370530399478_1243664963_n thumb_10421394_10204154851015786_8428209382818606055_n

Studio Photoshoot > 2011 >Angelano Magazine – January 2011
Public Appearances > 2012 >Comic-Con 2012 Star Portrait
With her fans >Social Media

05 Jul 2014
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Michelle has made a photoshoot for Louis Vuitton, photographed by Peter Lindbergh, Harper’s Bazaar has used this shooting for their magazine last month, but here we have new pictures, michelle is stunning.

thumb_003 thumb_006 thumb_007

Studio Photoshoot > 2014 >Louis Vuitton Photoshoot